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Loved using the Asahi Kasei Products.
Each of them are absolute constants in my kitchen and used almost regularly.
- Chef Amrita Raichand

Asahi Kasei Cooking Sheet

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Easy baking solution with baking paper for Oven & Microwave

Baking is not a piece of cake. Sometimes your baked delicacies get stuck on the baking paper while at times greasing the pans is a task. But thanks to the Cooking Sheet by Asahi Kasei, you can bake more and worry less!

Its Silicone-coated on both sides prevent food from sticking so that you can bake without making any mess. Its premium quality doesn't crumble while baking and helps you bake upto 250° for 20 minutes. Just place the sheet on the tray or pan inside the oven and you're ready to go!

Be it Oven or microwave, this product is a one time solution for all your baking needs. What's more? This Baking Paper also helps you to prevent leaks and spills during your oven & microwave cooking so that you can bake effortlessly. In addition, it also saves your efforts of greasing the tray and pans since this cooking paper requires no greasing. So, no more trouble, no more mess, because Japan’s no.1 Asahi Kasei is now available in India and you can buy it online on BigBasket and Amazon. Just click on the buy now button to add this super-convenient tool to your kitchen.

Asahi Kasei Non Stick Cooking Sheet

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Asahi Kasei Premium Wrap

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Cling film or wrap and Parchment paper for food storage and Microwave cooking

The Premium Wrap by Asahi Kasei is made from a clear and special PVDC material that helps in preserving and storing food for a longer time. This Cling Wrap comes with a built-in cutter that makes it easy to tear and is convenient to use. From fruits & vegetables to homemade fresh food, keep everything crisp for longer periods.

Our Premium Wrap blocks food from moisture and oxygen and preserves its freshness for longer hours as compared to other wrap for example made of Parchment paper. It doesn't crumble after the first use and can be reused multiple times. Even after hours and days in the wrap, your food won't smell different because of the air tight seal made by it.

With our cling film, you don't have to worry about wasting food. Just wrap your leftovers and store them for longer. Its Premium quality helps you to preserve food in the fridge, freezer and room temperature. The wrap is heat resistant so it can be used in a microwave as well up to 140°C. Click on buy now and order the best Japan’s No.1 premium wrap online in India to your kitchen from BigBasket. Eat fresh, eat healthy with Asahi Kasei.

Cling film or wrap and Parchment paper for Kitchen - Asahi Kasei

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Frying Pan Foil for Oil Free Cooking

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Silicone Coated Aluminium Foil for Oil Free Cooking

Eating healthy without compromising taste is not a dream anymore. Presenting you the Frying Pan Foil by Asahi Kasei. Its silicone coated aluminum foil helps you cook the same delicious food with practically no oil! Same food, same taste but now with lesser calories.

With our aluminum foil, you can cook fried food without using a single drop of oil thanks to its silicone coating. Eat oil-free, stay care-free with our Frying Pan Foil.

Speaking of an oil-free diet, it has numerous benefits. Less fats, less calories and whatnot. That makes Frying Pan Foil a must-have for all the health conscious people. Here's how this product is a savior in the kitchen. It helps you save your efforts of doing the dishes everyday. Just place the 'R' marked side facing upwards on your pan and you're ready for oil free cooking without staining your pans and tawas. Try oil-free cooking for the first time in India with Asahi Kasei. You can now buy Japan’s No.1 Frying Pan Foil online from BigBasket and Amazon and add this super-convenient product to your kitchen. Just click on the buy now button below and take your first step towards a healthy living.

Asahi Kasei Frying Pan Foil

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Cooking Tray For Oven


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