Asahi Kasei consecutively selected as constituent stock in ESG indices “FTSE4Good Index Series” and “FTSE Blossom Japan Index”

Asahi Kasei has been consecutively selected as a constituent of the stock price indices “FTSE4Good Index Series” and “FTSE Blossom Japan Index” for ESG investment*.

The “FTSE4Good Index Series” and “FTSE Blossom Japan Index,” developed by FTSE Russell, select companies based on excellence regarding ESG performance. The FTSE Blossom Japan Index is one of indices adopted by the world’s largest investor, the Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF) of Japan.

Asahi Kasei is also included in other ESG indices adopted by GPIF, “MSCI Japan ESG Select Leaders Index,” “MSCI Japan Empowering Women Index (WIN),” and “S&P/JPX Carbon Efficient Index.”

Asahi Kasei will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, including the achievement of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), from the perspective of “Care for People, Care for Earth.”

*Investment emphasizing environmental, social, and governance aspects of performance