Asahi Kasei India got featured in renowned e-newspaper – Article on “How to keep food fresh amid COVID 19 lockdown”

Asahi Kasei India got featured in renowned e-newspapers talking about “How to keep food fresh amid corona virus lockdown”. It highlights how we are faring with this corona virus pandemic situation and take as an opportunity to educate consumers the benefits of our products during this lockdown. Amid Corona Virus lockdown people are storing leftover food, vegetables, fruits, dough, raw meat etc. in bulk for which we must learn the art of storing food with an extended shelf life and minimise food waste. That’s how Asahi Kasei Premium Wrap comes as a saviour for keeping food fresh for longer time and also, helps to avoid food wastage.
Asahi Kasei Premium Wrap is an essential product so there is a need in every kitchen.
Below are the links to check article featured in renowned e-newspaper-

27th April 2020
FnB News

10th May 2020
Hindustan Times

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