Asahi Kasei is recognized in Green 100 Ranking

We are honoured that Asahi Kasei has been recognized as one of the top 100 companies with the most sustainable IP Portfolios in the world in the “Green 100” ranking conducted by Sagacious IP*. With carbon neutrality by 2050 steady in its sights, Asahi Kasei aspires to climb the ranks and remain one of the most sustainable diversified global institutions in the world.

All the organizations with share in Green Patent Portfolio, have been evaluated using an assessment framework that relies on multiple parameters indicative of three key components using the Sagacious Patent Portfolio Quality Mix (SPPQM) Methodology. These components are,

  1. Commitment to Green Future
  2. Current Impact on Green Future
  3. Potential of Crafting the Green Future

*Sagacious IP is a one of the largest IP solutions providers globally, helping organizations monetize, defend, and expand their IP portfolios. Sagacious IP is helping participants in the IP ecosystem through innovative solutions and services since 2008. Annually, Sagacious IP serves more than +2,000 clients from over 60 countries with more than 12,500 projects in over 16 languages.


Learn more about the “Green 100” ranking via the link below.