Asahi Kasei to hold online exhibition for Automotive Business

Asahi Kasei holds an online exhibition of products for automotive applications. The exhibition includes the periodic featuring of specific subjects with relevant Asahi Kasei products introduced together with special content, a section on related articles, and other contents of the exhibition continually renewed.

The first featured subject will be “The Future of Automotive Comfort.” There are interviews about related technology of Asahi Kasei Group and highlights of products such as seat material and sensors which contribute to comfortable interior space. Please visit the exhibition and learn how Asahi Kasei products make the vehicle interior more comfortable.

In product pages, various Asahi Kasei products including resins, fibers, and electronic devices, are shown in greater detail with clear visuals. In addition to specific examples of adoption as components and materials, new applications will be proposed. Exhibits will be continually added.

Online exhibition at


drivable concept car AKXY™


interior concept mockup AKXY™ POD