Renewal of Membership in the BCtA

Asahi Kasei renewed its membership in the Business Call to Action (BCtA) led by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in February 2021 with businesses in India for Bemberg™ regenerated cellulose fiber (cupro) and Microza™ polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) hollow-fiber membrane.

Business Call to Action (BCtA):

A multilateral alliance between donor governments launched at the United Nations in 2008, Business Call to Action (BCtA) is an inclusive business advocacy platform and global membership network of companies advancing commercially sustainable core business solutions to tackling poverty and inequality and contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Bemberg™ is the brand name of a regenerated cellulose fiber made from cotton linter, the fuzz around cotton seeds. It is widely used in India for traditional wear like sarees, dupatta and dress material along with western wear.

Microza is a hollow-fiber membrane for filtration systems used in a wide range of fields spanning from chemicals and high-precision electronics to potable water, wastewater, foods, pharmaceuticals, power plants, and environmental protection. It is highly appraised by customers based on an established track record of performance.

Since joining BCtA in 2016, Asahi Kasei’s support for stakeholders in the Bemberg™ value chain in India from raw material to garment as well as our collaboration with academia have been highly evaluated as a business model combining commercial activities and sustainable development.

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