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Our medical care business contributes to the advancement of medical treatment worldwide via continuous innovation in various fields, including medical device systems that respond to unmet needs, filters that improve the quality of blood transfusion products, and products that enable safe and efficient production of biotherapeutics and other medicines at the cutting edge of new drug development.

Operating company Asahi Kasei Medical
Virus Removal Filters
Planova™ virus removal filters


Launched in 1989, Planova filters are the world's first filters developed specifically for removing viruses from biotherapeutic drug products such as biopharmaceuticals and plasma derivatives.

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Bioprocess Equipments

Bioprocess Equipments

Solving therapeutic product safety, efficiency and purity challenges within the pharmaceutical and bioprocess industries.
By focusing our expertise on fluid management technology, we have developed a portfolio of artisanal equipment solutions.
Our technology touches unit operations across a wide range of therapeutic modalities, including classical small molecule pharmaceuticals, current-generation antibodies, plasma derivatives and next-generation oligonucleotide therapeutics.

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