Barrier Materials

PVDC Latex

A high-performance aqueous PVDC (polyvinylidene chloride) emulsion that, on drying, forms a thin film characterized by high barrier to oxygen and other gases and to water vapor, together with outstanding heat- and radiofrequency-seal properties, flame retardance, and oil and chemical resistance. Asahi Kasei PVDC latex is widely used to coat films made from oriented polypropylene (OPP), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), nylon (Ny), and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Properties of PVDC Latex

  • Gas and oxygen barrier
  • Moisture barrier
  • Aroma retaining
  • Oil and chemical resistance
  • Heat seal
  • Flex resistance
  • Flame retardancy

Comparison of barrier properties before and after coating with PVDC latex

Film Oxygen transfer rate
at 20 deg C, 70 % RH [JIS K7126B]
Water vapor transfer rate
at 40 deg C, 90 % RH [JIS K7129]
BOPP 20μm 1,300 7 - 8
BOPP 20μm + PVDC 3μm 4 4

All values are typical laboratory averages obtained using the specified test methods, and not guaranteed. PVDC maintains superior barrier property even at high humidity.

Application of PVDC Latex

Pharmaceutical blister pack – “Push-Through-Package” (PTP):
By packaging with PVDC-coated PVC, capsules and tablets of pharmaceutical products can be protected by gases and water vapors. PVDC plays an important role to preserve the efficacy of drugs.

PTP structure with PVDC latex


Food package - sausages, processed seafoods, cheese, pickled vegetables, dried fruits, instant noodles, biscuits and pastries:
By packaging with PVDC-coated BOPP, PET and nylon films, the quality retaining period (shelf life) of food can be extended significantly. Superior aroma barrier property of PVDC-coated films is useful for packaging food having a strong smell.


Grades of PVDC Latex

List of typical grades of PVDC latex

Grades Solid (%)
JIS K-6381
JIS Z-8802
Viscosity (mPa*s)
JIS K-6381
tension (mN/m)
Minimum Film- forming
temprature (⁰C)
L817B 51 2 15 41 14 Anion Food
L818D 60 3 40 47 14 Anion Pharmaceutical
L821C 58 3 26 40 14 Anion Pharmaceutical

All values are typical laboratory averages obtained using the specified test methods, and not product specifications.
Not all grades are compliant with relevant regulations in all countries and regions.
There are some other grades available, and new grade is under development.

Experience of Asahi Kasei PVDC Latex

Asahi Kasei first started production of PVDC latex in 1953 at Atago Plant in Nobeoka city, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan. Since then Asahi Kasei has been supplying PVDC latex to multiple customers in Japan, US, Eurpose, China, India and other areas as well. All components of Asahi Kasei PVDC Latex fall under food and drug regulations of USA & Europe. PVDC latex can be shipped in IBC (Intermediate bulk containers) & plastic drums, and stored in cool condition. For more technical & product details, kindly contact us through following enquiry form.

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