Cupro Fiber

Bemberg™ is the brand name for Cuprammonium rayon, sustainable regenerated cellulose fiber made from cotton linter. Asahi Kasei is now the only manufacturer in the world. Bemberg™ has integrated itself into the culture of countries around the world, bringing beauty to people’s lives for many years. In India, with its unique lustre Bemberg™ is used for traditional wear such as saris and dupattas since more than 40+ years. Popularity of Bemberg™ rests on its reliable quality, gliding smooth textures, bright colours, and excellent comfort in any climate.

Bemberg™ for Traditional Wear

Bright, vivid colours rooted in cultural heritage

With its silky lustre and bright colours, Bemberg™ is used to make traditional wear such as saris and dupattas. Its popularity rests on its reliable quality, gliding smooth textures, bright colours, and fresh comfort in any climate.


Feels silky smooth and breathes with the skin

Made of fibers with a round cross-section, Bemberg™ yarn has a smooth surface and gentle texture. It also rapidly absorbs and releases moisture through very small waterways that are invisible to the naked eye. It keeps the wearer cool, fresh and comfortable. With the high moisture content of the non-crystalline region of its fibers, Bemberg™ has built-in air-conditioning, keeping the wearer comfortable whatever the season.


Beauty with colour depth

Beautiful lustre and rich dye colours add to the diverse appearance of the fabrics. Bemberg™ fibers have many extremely small waterways and non-crystalline regions, making them quick to absorb dye. Bemberg™ fabric can therefore be dyed a deep colour in a short space of time. With its beautiful lustrous colors and unique textures, Bemberg creates a sense of presence.

Bemberg™ for Sustainability

Derived from cotton linter

Cotton linter, the raw material of Bemberg™, is the short downy fiber enfolding cotton seeds, and is not used for cotton yarn production. We transform this pre-consumer material into a pure regenerated cellulose fiber with our unique technology


Asahi Kasei uses its proprietary technologies to refine and dissolve the linter that is pre-consumer material, transforming into pure regenerated fiber.


Born from nature, return to nature

Made from a natural material, Bemberg™ is a biodegradable and compostable fiber that breaks down naturally after disposal. The fiber is decomposed by living organisms and returns to the soil. The images below are 100% Bemberg™ buried in the soil during summer conditions (temperature: 35C; humidity: 80%). The weight of the material decreases by one half in nearly two months. Even when burned, Bemberg™ produces fewer toxic substances.


Bemberg™ for India

Growth with India

In India, Bemberg™ is a familiar fabric that is used for traditional wear such as saris and dupatta for more than 40 years now. We provide support at production sites to ensure that local people are actively involved at all stages of the value chain, from the procurement of the raw material (cotton linter) to the distribution of the final product. We also work to improve technologies, create employment, and secure stable income. In 1931, Asahi Kasei built the Bemberg™ plant in Japan, and started operations. In 1954, export of fabric for luxury saris begins. In 1977, sales of yarns for traditional wear in India begins. In 1980, textile mills in India who use Bemberg™ come to Japan. In 2016, participation in the Business Call to Action (BCtA) led by the United Nations Development Programme with initiatives in India. In 2017, Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification is obtained from Textile Exchange. Asahi Kasei is now the only manufacturer of cupro fiber (Bemberg™) in the world.


Supports for sustainable business growth of fiber industry in India

Throughout all stages in the value chain, from the procurement of the raw material, cotton linter, to the distribution of the final products, Asahi Kasei supports for local plants to improve production technology, training of young human resources, and creating job as well as securing stable incomes. Free loan of an equipment of gathering cotton linters as well as technical support for the education of productivity improvement by our technicians are provided to some Indian companies. At three national universities, we give lectures, provide materials for on-campus fashion show and graduation projects and also offer an internship in Japan where interns experience a wide range of practices, from the production of yarn to textiles. These approaches were highly regarded, that led us to participate in the Business Call to Action (BCtA) run by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).


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