Engineering Plastics

LEONA™ - PA66 (polyamide 66)

LEONA™ (polyamide 66 or PA66) is an engineering plastic superior in various key properties. It is widely used as a metal replacement for automotive components. Polyamide 66 is one of the most important engineering plastics in the world due to its strength, heat-, oil, and abrasion resistance, and workability.
Asahi Kasei is always capable of independently supplying the market. Our compounding technologies allow for global quality, and our special polymer technologies make the material itself special.

Properties of LEONA™

  • High structural strength
  • Stiffness
  • Good impact / toughness
  • Excellent surface quality
  • Oil and chemical resistance
  • Heat and chlorine resistance
  • UV-resistance

Applications of LEONA™

  • Automotive(cylinder head covers, oil pan, radiator tanks, cooling piles, engine mounts, torque rods, chain guides, bush, gears, exterior fuel cap, exterior mirror bases, rear grip, fender stays, roof rails, head lamp brackets, inner mirror stays, air vent fins, knocking sensor housings, HVAC vanes, turbo ducts, turbo cooling pipes, intercooler tanks, thermos valves and oil pumps)
  • Electrical, Electronic and Water appliances

CAE (Computer Aided Engineering)

We have learned a lot over the course of years working alongside and within the automotive industry, and our new technologies are a direct result of these insights. CAE is one of these key technologies, which has allowed us, in cooperation with our partners, to develop light weight vehicles by replacing various metal parts.


TENAC™ - POM (polyacetal)

TENAC™ (polyacetal or POM) is a well-balanced engineering plastic featuring superior mechanical properties such as strength and rigidity, as well as excellent friction and wear characteristics, dimensional stability and oil/solvent resistance.

Due to its low friction and excellent dimensional stability, it is particularly suitable for precision parts and performance engineering components such as gears or door systems.

TENAC™ homopolymer features excellent strength, stiffness and creep resistance. TENAC™ copolymer features an excellent oil / solvent resistance. Its metallic and low-VOC grades, ZM series, meet OEM’s low emission specifications for vehicle interiors, and colorful components can be designed and manufactured without spray painting process.

Properties of TENAC™

  • Strength and stiffness
  • Toughness
  • Creep resistance
  • Fatigue resistance
  • Friction, abrasion and wear characteristics
  • Dimensional stability
  • Resistance to oils and organic solvents
  • Weatherability resistance
  • Low VOC emission

Applications of TENAC™

  • Automotive industry (inner door handles, seat adjusters, seat belt push buttons)
  • Electrical and electronics industry
  • Manufacturing industry (gears)
  • Home appliances (gears, rollers)

XYRON™ - mPPE (modified polyphenylene ether)

XYRON™ (modified polyphenylene ether or mPPE) is an engineering plastic with unique properties due to various possible alloy combinations of PPE with polystyrene (PS), polyamide (PA), polypropylene (PP), polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) or other polymeric materials.

XYRON™ PS/PPE features excellent dimensional stability, electrical properties and is suitable for PV junction boxes and connectors, contributing to downsizing.

XYRON™ PA/PPE has high heat resistance and features flowability characteristics suitable for automotive relay boxes.

XYRON™ PP/PPE has a low density and also electrolyte solvent resistance. This feature makes it suitable for lightweight automotive battery parts.

Properties of XYRON™

  • Use of Halogen-free flame retardants (UL94 V-0 to HB)
  • Outstanding heat resistance range (80 – 170 C)
  • Low density
  • Excellent dimensional stability – low mold shrinkage
  • Low water absorption
  • High resistance to acids and alkalis
  • Excellent electrical properties

Applications of XYRON™

  • Automotive industry (relay block, structural parts of lithium-ion batteries)
  • Energy industry (photovoltaic junction box, connectors)
  • Other industries (water-related applications)

Solutions for Lightweight & Safe Automotive Li-Ion Battery (LIB)


Auto Expo 2020

Asahi Kasei exhibited at “Auto Expo 2020 – Components” in New Delhi. Our latest technologies and products including LEONA™, TENAC™, XYRON™ and Thermylene™ were displayed with the concept car AKXY.