Mechanical Type Purging compound


A completely different concept in extruder and molding machine purging and cleaning. High speed and efficiency, reduced time and materials consumption, and high cleaning power – resulting in reduced operating costs, higher product quality, and smoother operation in every phase from resin changeover to impurities reduction. As of August 2020, ASACLEAN™ has been used in more than 75 countries and regions.

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Dear Customer,

As COVID-19 hits our plastic moulding industry to a huge extent. The manufacturing plants are kept off and we have no plans to make production at present, due to having no idea of when this situation will improve.

As most of the moulding machines are idle, the chances of the screw catching rust / corrosion increases a lot with this humid climate.

We strongly recommend you to use ASACLEAN, and SEAL the machine's barrel or cylinder and hot runner mould by Purging Asaclean into it.

Storing Asaclean in the barrel

Protection against rust

Asaclean will protect the metal surface by restricting oxygen from entering the barrel so that resin inside won't get burnt and screw & barrel will get free and stay protected from corrosion.

Pre-purging use Asaclean

Use Asaclean before putting on the machine so that all burnt plastic / corrosion will get removed before starting manufacturing process to receive the best quality product output.

Pre-purging use of

Contribution to the environment

ASACLEAN™ significantly reduces switching time, amount of waste, and CO2 emissions when it is used for switching plastics production.


Above is Example comparing waste materials in cases where ASACLEAN™ is not used when switching the resin colour (top picture) and in cases where it is used (bottom picture). The amount of waste is substantially reduced.

*This is just one evaluation example and does not guarantee performance.

Reduces CO2 emissions to one-fourth. World’s top brand and User-friendly purging compound

ASACLEAN™ significantly reduces switching time, amount of waste, and CO2 emissions. Based on Asahi Kasei's resin compatibilization technology and original compounding technique, it achieves the world's highest level of cleaning performance. Asahi Kasei proposes the optimal removal of resins ranging from general-purpose resins such as PP and ABS to super engineering plastics such as PEEK and PPS. ASACLEAN™ is also suitable for removing Asahi Kasei’s Leona™ (PA66), Xyron™ (m-PPE), TENAC™ (POM), and DELPET™ (PMMA).


Comparison of CO2 emissions between two cases: when one ton of ASACLEAN™ is used and when not used

Reduction of waste generated when changing resins reduces CO2 emissions to about one-fourth.

ASACLEAN™ also lowers the rate of defects, cutting down on the CO2 emissions associated with the disposal of defects.

*CO2 emissions were calculated based on the intensity data of MiLCA, IDEA.

*MiLCA, IDEA: LCA calculation software and database provided by Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry.

Contributing to cost reduction at the sites where plastics are molded.

ASACLEAN™ effectively cleans plastic molding machines used for the production of functional parts or interior/exterior parts, contributing to cost reduction at the sites where plastics are molded. Compared with the case where molding resin is used for cleaning, the amount of resin used for cleaning can be reduced by 33% to 90% when ASACLEAN™ is used.


Excellent detergency -Penetrates into dirt and scrapes it off

By fully utilizing Asahi Kasei’s resin compatibilization technology represented by polymer characteristics, compatibilizers, etc., we design ASACLEAN™ which excels in compatibility with various types of resins. This compatibility makes ASACLEAN™ penetrate into dirt and allows for easy removal of dirt. In addition, our original advanced compounding technique enables excellent detergency for scraping off dirt.


If the screw is left, the deterioration of resins will progress and may cause many black spots later. (Please be reminded that the being produced of good quality products does not mean that the screw is clean). if you regularly use ASACLEAN™, it enables you to purge out those thin layers of deteriorated resins unnoticeably from the screw.

Low residual properties -Easily discharged

Thanks to the polymer properties of the base material and to our original compounding technique as well as production technology, ASACLEAN™ achieves low adhesion to metal. This means that ASACLEAN™ has a property that allows ASACLEAN™ to be easily discharged. The property reduces the risk that ASACLEAN™ will remain in the molding machine.



Like general molding compounds, ASACLEAN™ is a pellet-shaped material. Therefore, users can handle ASACLEAN™ in the same handling general molding compounds. While designing ASACLEAN™, we gave full consideration to its properties such as safety, non-reactivity, and corrosion resistance. ASACLEAN™ has general-purpose properties; one grade of ASACLEAN™ can be used for multiple types of resins.


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