Pharmaceutical Excipient


Microcrystalline Cellulose is purified, partially depolymerized cellulose used by pharmaceutical customers around the world, CEOLUS™ offers superior performance and quality based on advanced particle design, production, and processing technologies at Asahi Kasei.

Asahi Kasei’s high functional excipients, CEOLUS™ KG & CEOLUS™ UF grades are distinct in terms of its application & provide greater flexibility to a scientist in designing a formulation. Our high functional excipients also solve a range of tabletting related issues namely capping, sticking & others. Other high functional excipients include MCC spheres CELPHERE™ used for drug layering and Pregelatinized corn starch PC-10.


KG grade is fibrous in nature with high L/D ratio. It undergoes plastic deformation helping to eliminate Capping & Sticking issue.



UF grade is round shaped porous morphology creating a rough surface, thus providing superior adsorption property eliminating segregation.



CELPHERE™ is 100% MCC spherical seed core. It’s tolerant to high stress and coating machine varieties solving issues like crushing and aggregation of pellets.