Purging compound


A completely different concept in extruder and molding machine purging and cleaning. High speed and efficiency, reduced time and materials consumption, and high cleaning power – resulting in reduced operating costs, higher product quality, and smoother operation in every phase from resin changeover to impurities reduction.

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Dear Customer,

As COVID-19 hits our plastic moulding industry to a huge extent. The manufacturing plants are kept off and we have no plans to make production at present, due to having no idea of when this situation will improve.

As most of the moulding machines are idle, the chances of the screw catching rust / corrosion increases a lot with this humid climate.

We strongly recommend you to use ASACLEAN, and SEAL the machine's barrel or cylinder and hot runner mould by Purging Asaclean into it.

Storing Asaclean in the barrel

Protection against rust

Asaclean will protect the metal surface by restricting oxygen from entering the barrel so that resin inside won't get burnt and screw & barrel will get free and stay protected from corrosion.

Pre-purging use Asaclean

Use Asaclean before putting on the machine so that all burnt plastic / corrosion will get removed before starting manufacturing process to receive the best quality product output.

Pre-purging use of

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